Career Guidance Cell

We believe in cherishing, nurturing the talent in every student.

The objective of the career guidance cell is to keep the students well-aware of all the possible career options in their purview and to help them make informed and wise decisions about their future. Career Guidance Cell actively promotes student career counseling and placement services.

Our students are required to do a self assessment upon arriving at our institute. We believe that, to get the best out of our programs and other extracurricular activities, the students should be aware of their new environment and their own needs and ambitions. To facilitate this introspection, our teams work with students to create their profiles. Students give their input about their career goals, in terms of function, role, and industry. This is done with an involved one on one session with experts in our institute.

One of the ways for students to improve their employability is to build a strong network with people from the industry and peers. International Travel & Tourism Academy helps the students in building strong networks in their professional life. We ensure that the students get a chance to interact with people from Travel & Tourism Industry.

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