Aviation Management (Cabin Crew)

Course Overview

The demand of this profile has increased in the recent years. Cabin Crew functions are focused on issues pertaining to safety, security, ability to manage a crisis than on merely service alone. This course prepares the aspirant not only in aspects related to service but also in key areas such as managing emergencies, security, safety and personality development.


Designed For

  • Persons wishing to pursue a career as a steward or air-hostess.
  • Students completing courses Basic Air Fare & Ticketing, Basic Travel Tourism & Fundamentals of Travel Business courses and studying towards an Aviation Diploma specializing in Cabin Crew Functions.
  • This course is a must for anybody starting a career or wanting to work as cabin crew.


How You Will Benefit

  • Become aware of the cabin crew profession, its origins and current practice.
  • Describe the aircraft types and cabin crew functions.
  • Learn how to manage passenger interactions in a variety of circumstances.
  • Know about different types of emergency and safety procedures.


Course Contents

  • Introduction to the Aviation Industry.
  • The Cabin Crew Profession.
  • Landing the Job.
  • Cabin Crew Lifestyle.
  • Introduction to Aircraft and Aviation Familiarisation.
  • Crew Member Coordination and Communication.
  • Customer Service.
  • Managing Passenger Interactions.
  • Safety and Emergency Procedures.
  • Medical Emergencies and Medical Training.
  • Introduction to Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials.
  • Aviation Security.
  • Service Procedures.


Eligibilty Criteria

+2 standard or Above

Course Duration

To be completed within One Year


Exam Schedule

Online exam with remote supervision

Exam Duration: 1 Exam of 2 hours

Exam Months: March - June - September - December

Exam Date: To be advised as per IATA directives


Course Fee

Please call to know the Fee details