Consultant Level

Course Overview

The IATA/UFTAA Course is one of the requirements for accreditation as an IATA AGENT. The Consultant Level will help you understand more complex operations, as well as the consultative approach to selling travel and tourism.


Designed for

  • Students who have completed the Foundation Course or the previous Standard Course.
  • Travel consultants with some industry experience, who wish to upgrade their professional competence.
  • Staff of tour operators and consolidators, and airlines.


How You Will Benefit

  • Handle all major aspects of the travel agency business.
  • Provide accurate advice to clients on major tourist destinations.
  • Produce customised and international inclusive tours.
  • Sell international business, incentive and conference travel arrangements.
  • Construct complex fares and routings by applying advanced IATA fare construction principles; issue and re-issue tickets and other documents for all types of international journeys.
  • Familiarise yourself with common national requirements, IATA's Regulations and the role of the National Travel Agents' Associations.
  • Learn effective selling skills.
  • Understand the Billing and Settlement System to give your travel operation a distinct operational advantage.


Course Contents


  • Geography in Travel Planning 2


  • Land Transport - Rail 2
  • Land Transport - Bus and Coach.
  • Accommodation (other than hotels).
  • Water Transport - Cruises and Private Charter.
  • Tour Packages 2.

Support Services

  • Law and Regulations 1
  • Selling Skills
  • Air Fares and Ticketing 2


Eligibility Criteria

+2 standard or Above

Course Duration

3 Months


Exam Schedule

Online exam with remote supervision

Exam Duration: 1 Exam of 2 hours

Exam Months: March - June - September - December

Exam Date: To be advised as per IATA directives


Course Fee

Please call to know the Fee details