GDS Air Fare & Ticketing

Course Overview

This course covers the basics and advanced airline fare construction principles, and CRS entries to price air journeys and issue tickets. Students can have choice out of Amadeus, Galileo and Apollo used by travel industry professionals to instantly confirm and manage flights, hotel, car and other reservations. It also includes electronic booking module.


How You Will Benefit

Acquire an excellent understanding of the mileage system pricing and know how to interpret and read all GDS displays relevant to mileage system pricing.

  • Know how to identify and price different journey types (including round-the-world journeys and journeys travelled in different classes).
  • Understand global indicators.
  • Understand fare rules and air fare taxes.
  • Be able to apply all minimum-fare rule checks.
  • Know how and when to use side trips.
  • Know how to add a manual fare to a GDS booking file.
  • Be able to use the IATA/UFTAA Fare Formula to correctly price a journey.
  • Know how to use a GDS to issue tickets for manually-priced reservations.
  • Know how to read each field of an ATB ticket.
  • Know how to use the Lowest Combination Factor.
  • Be able to construct and read a linear fare construction.


Designed For

  • Entry-level students.
  • Travel consultants.
  • Personnel of airlines, tour operators and consolidators.
  • Internet travel suppliers.


Course Content

  • Price and ticket airline journeys.
  • Identify how a fare is applied to the journey.
  • Read, interpret, and apply routing fare rules.
  • Retrieve and interpret fare quotes, rules and tickets.
  • Fare selection process.
  • Journey types.
  • Pricing units versus fare components.
  • Reading rules to quote penalties and understand fare conditions.
  • Mileage fares and principles.
  • Reading fare calculation lines.
  • Create PNR.


Eligibility Criteria

+2 standard or Above

Course Duration

3 Months


Exam Schedule

Online exam with remote supervision

Exam Duration: 1 Exam of 2 hours

Exam Months: March - June - September - December

Exam Date: To be advised as per IATA directives


Course Fee

Please call to know the Fee details