How to Enroll

We believe in cherishing, nurturing the talent in every student.

To study in a classroom

Enroll directly at: ITTA (International Travel & Tourism Academy) SCO 255, Level 1, Sector 44C, Chandigarh, 160047

Complete the Online Application Form which is available here. If you are unable to complete the Online Application Form, please print the pdf file version (pdf) and send it with your payment to us on the above address.

Your order will be processed following the arrival of your payment at our bank. Fees are non-refundable.

Examination Information

All newly enrolled students are automatically registered to sit their examination in the first eligible examination session.

Study kits and other information can be obtained from our Chandigarh office.

Please note that students are able to change their registered exam session to a later one within their 24 month enrollment period. This is done by writing to us. All exam registration changes must be made before the exam registration deadline posted on the Fees, registration and examination dates (pdf) page.

Already registered students requiring a second exam attempt must register for the exam of their choice by remitting the exam voucher received with their first attempt exam results.

To obtain diploma or certificate, students must pass written examinations. An examination consists of two papers. Both must be written at the first attempt.

Examinations are held in March - June - September and December of each year.

Students may be required to take examinations at an exam center that is not in their home city or country of enrolment. All travel and personal expenses and travel documentation are the students' responsibility. At each location, examinations occur during one full day, divided into a morning and afternoon sitting, with one paper written per sitting. Courses with two exam papers will require both the morning and afternoon sitting. Students enrolled in more than one course will therefore be limited to one course examination per session. Exam registration deadlines apply to each course examination.

Examination Session Details

All students must use a ballpoint pen.

IATA Travel and Tourism examinations are Open Course Book format. Guidelines specific to the coming examination session are available at our office, kindly be in touch for the details.

Change of Address (within same country)

Request for change of address within the same country will be processed without an administrative fee, provided the request is received no later than the exam registration deadline. The following information is required:

  • Full name
  • Client ID
  • Previous address (complete) New address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address (if applicable).


Change of Country

Change of country for a student under the following conditions:

(a) Student should forward all necessary information to us including

  • Full name
  • Client ID
  • Previous address (complete) New address
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address (if applicable)


(b) If the Training Programme is not offered in the new country of residence, the student accepts the responsibility for traveling to a country where the programme is offered for his/her examinations.

(c) The student is aware of the visa and residency requirements to enable sitting the examination in the new country of residence. An administrative fee to process the change would be applicable. Payment of this fee must be forwarded with the request for change. Changes in country do not influence the enrolment period. The student's enrolment period will be based on his/her initial enrolment and not on the date of the change of country. If the student wishes to sit the upcoming examination in the new country, the request for a change of country and payment must be processed by the exam registration deadline.

Services for ITTA diploma holders

  • Duplicate Diploma or Certificate
  • Students registered from 2000 onwards are eligible for this option. An administrative fee is applicable for getting duplicate Diploma or certificate.
  • All fees and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

Feel free to ask query