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What is IATA?

IATA - the International Air Transport Association – works with its airline members and the air transport industry as a whole to promote safe, reliable, secure and economical air travel for the benefit of the world's consumers. IATA's 240 member airlines comprise 94% of all international traffic. IATA employs 1400 people located in 90 offices that serve over 130 countries around the world.

What does IATA do?

IATA provides a wide range of services and programmes to its member airlines, the broader aviation community and by extension the traveling public. IATA sets standards in many areas of the business - from ticketing to baggage - that make it possible for passengers to travel from one place to another using two or more airlines. It also leads a number of industry initiatives involving safety, security, environment and Simplifying the Business that improve the quality of air travel.

IATA makes buying tickets easier as well. It accredits over 70,000 travel agents worldwide to ensure they provide the high standards of service and dependability that airlines and their clients expect. IATA's Billing and Settlement Plan serves as the financial backbone of the industry by managing the flow of the over $270 billion generated annually by travel agent ticket sales to airlines.

Is the diploma from IATA Recognized?

It is the sought after diploma of the era. Degree holders with IATA diploma find it easier to get a prestigious job in airlines or airports or travel agencies. It is recognized by all national airlines of the countries around world. It is considered to be the eligibility criteria to get jobs in airlines, airports, travel agencies, tour-operating companies, cruise ships etc. It is the gateway to travel jobs. It is a diploma with international standard for which the syllabus is determined, examination is conducted and the diploma is awarded by ITDI (IATA Training Development Institute) in Montreal, Canada.

What are the Job Opportunities in Travel & Tourism field?

Travel and Tourism training does not limit your growth potential to working in any particular area. You could work for airlines, cruise lines, tour wholesalers, tour operators, rail lines, corporate travel, tourist attractions, hotels, and resorts. For those who enjoy traveling, it will enhance your vision of the world and encourage you to seek new adventures and to experience other cultures.

Your resume for success includes opportunities in the following areas: TRAVEL AGENCIES - accounting assistant, accounting supervisor, agency manager, corporate account manager, corporate travel counselor, cruise sales manager, cruise salesperson, customer service agent, database administrator, group agent, group sales manager, leisure travel counselor, leisure travel counselor international, marketing assistant, marketing director, meeting planner, outside sales agent, quality control agent, receptionist, ticket control clerk, and webmaster.

AIRLINES - account executive, accountant, administrative manager, Air Ticketing Officer, Air Hostess, Flight steward, crew scheduler, customer service rep, dispatcher, district sales manager, groups sales support manager, marketing manager, rate desk agent, regional sales manager, reservationist, sales rep, sales support manager, ticket agent, and tour and convention sales manager.

HOSPITALITY - property manager, sales department, accounting, automation, concierge, food and beverage, front desk, group sales coordinator, and reservation clerk.

There are tremendous opportunities in this business, and it still is one of the most exciting industries to work in anywhere!" The opportunities available to you are almost endless.

What kind of qualification is required to join these courses?

The main qualifications are: individual skills, organizational skills, general business skills, and people skills. You already possess a portion of each of these skills. Have you ever held a job that includes working with people? Have you been a sales person? Do you have basic computer skills? Do you belong to any organizations? Can you type? Do you pay your own bills? Do you juggle school and work? Do you surf the Internet? Are you detail oriented? Do you have a desire to travel and learn about other cultures?

What should I check before joining any Academy?

Before enrolling in a university, community college, academy/institute, vocational school, or proprietary school (schools independent of universities, community colleges, or vocational/technical schools), ask these questions:

  • Has the academy been approved, registered, or licensed or a recognized accreditation association?
  • Who teaches on the faculty? What type of travel industry experience do the instructors have?
  • Are instructors familiar with all facets of the travel industry? Are they certified?
  • What is the curriculum? The travel industry is complex and multifaceted; does this school offer courses in all aspects of travel?
  • Is there hands-on computer training with airline reservation systems? Make sure you'll learn systems that are currently being used!
  • How long has the school been in operation?
  • What type of placement assistance is available through the school?
  • What type of facilities, equipment, and materials are available? Are they current?
  • What kind of Job facilities available with ITTA?


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